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Skibotn and the surrounding area have good opportunities for various trips, both summer and winter.


In the summer, there are marked hiking trails both in the forest and in the mountains. There are paths with different degrees of difficulty, which are suitable both for families with children and for those who like a bit more of a challenge. Read more about various hiking trails here. In addition, there are wonderful opportunities for mountain biking in Skibotn and the area around Lyngenfjorden.

In winter, there are good conditions for skiing, both cross-country skiing and summit tours. In the Skibotn valley there are opportunities for ice fishing. There are also snowmobile tracks from Skibotn up the Skibotn valley to Finland.

Trails in Skibotn

There is a fine network of hiking trails in Skibotn. At Hengen you can see a waterfall and a canyon, while Svarteberget, Sledo and Várdovárri have nice views of Skibotn. If you want a slightly longer trip, you can go to Ádjit.


More information can be found here.

Bollmann Road

This hiking trail offers both good views, but was also a war story. During the Second World War, Bollmannsveien was built by prisoners of war. At the top there is today a reconstructed bunker, where you can take a break with a roof over your head. Read more about Bollmannsveien here.

Lulledalen Forest Path

This trail is known for its fine plants and orchids. If you're lucky, you'll see the rare Lady's Slipper orchid. Read more about Lulledalen Forest Path here.

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