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Northern Lights

Dry climate and little light pollution provide good conditions for seeing the northern lights in Skibotn. To see the northern lights, it must be dark and clear skies, and the season lasts from the end of September to the end of March/beginning of April.

Northern Lights in Skibotn

Skibotn is one of the driest places in Norway with approximately 300 mm of precipitation per year. By comparison, the average rainfall in Norway is around 1400 mm a year. This gives a greater chance of clear weather in Skibotn, which is a prerequisite for seeing the northern lights.

In large cities, it can be difficult to see the northern lights due to a lot of light from houses and other buildings. With approximately 500 inhabitants, Skibotn is a small village with little light pollution. 

Barbecue Hut and Northern Lights

Waiting for the Northern Lights can be a cold experience. At Strandbu we have a barbecue hut to keep you warm while you wait for the northern lights to appear.

The Northern Lights are not visible all the time, and when it appears, it often last only a few minutes. To maximize the chance of seeing the northern lights, one should therefore plan a session of several hours, and preferably several days in case it is cloudy.

Camping under the Northern Lights

At Strandbu you can camp with a motorhome, caravan, tent or sleep in a cabin. Since the northern lights depend on the weather, you cannot see it every day. It may therefore be a good idea to stay in the area for several days. The more days you stay, the greater the chance of seeing the northern lights.

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