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Mountain Biking

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From June to September, Skibotn offers good conditions for cycling in the terrain. After a day in the terrain you can recover in the sauna or hot tub.

Biking in Skibotn

Skibotn is one of the driest places in Norway with approximately 300 mm of precipitation per year. By comparison, the average rainfall in Norway is around 1400 mm a year. This means that the terrain in Skibotn starts to become dry as early as June, therefore creating good conditions for mountain biking all summer.

Here you can see the trail map for Skibotn.

Read more about mountain biking around the lyngenfjord here.

Skibotn Stifestival

Over a hundred people gather every year for Northern Norway's biggest festival for trail cyclists. The festival is held at Strandbu Camping, and guided tours, informal competitions, a hot tub and new cycling friends are some of the highlights.

You can read more about the festival here.


In August, the Lavkarittet, which is a bicycle race over the mountain, is organised. Here you cycle 68 kilometers on the mountain between two valleys. Read more about the Lavkaritt here. There is also a separate website with information about the race.

Here you can see the trail map for the Lavkarittet.

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