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Sauna & Hot Tub

We have two saunas and one hot tub on the campsite that our guests can rent. The largest sauna is by the service building and contains a shower, while the other is slightly smaller and is located down by the river. The hot tub is next to the river sauna.

Both saunas are wood-fired, and you have to book them in advance. It takes up to 1 hour to heat them  When you order a sauna, you use it privately and pay for every hour you use it.

The hot tub is also wood-fired and must be booked well in advance, preferably several days. It takes up to 8 hours to make it ready. When you rent the hot tub, you must also rent the river sauna.

River Sauna

The river sauna is located down by the river in a sheltered area with a nice view. There is access to cold water from a water tap close to the sauna, and there is also heated water in a tank that is integrated into the oven. This allows you to mix hot and cold water to get the right temperature.

Inside there is a changing room before you enter the warmth. On the outside there is a small staircase with benches, but also a separate terrace with a seating area and table. If you get too hot, it's a short way to the river for a dip in cold meltwater. 

Hot Tub

There is a wood-fired hot tub next to the river sauna. The hot tub should ideally be ordered well in advance. When you rent the hot tub, you must also rent the river sauna. In this way, you use the the entire area yourself and can use the seating area outside the sauna. 

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