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Sauna and hot tub

We have two saunas on the campsite that our guests can rent. The largest is by the service building and contains a shower, while the other is a little smaller and is located down by the river.

Det er flere aktiviteter man kan gjøre både inne på campingen, men også i nærområdet.

Barbecue Hut

Barbecue hut 1

Rental of barbecue hut with indoor fireplace and seating for 14 people. Price on request.

Barbecue hut 2

Rental of barbecue hut with table and seating for 8 people. Outdoor fire pit. Price on request.


Skibotn and the surrounding area have good opportunities for various trips, both summer and winter.


In the summer there are marked hiking trails both in the forest and in the mountains. There are trails with different levels of difficulty, which are suitable both for families with children and for those who like a little more challenge. In addition, there are fantastic opportunities for mountain biking in Skibotn and the area around Lyngenfjorden.

In winter, there are good conditions for both cross country skiing as well as skiing in the mountains. In the Skibotn valley, you can go ice fishing. There are snowmobile trails from Skibotn towards Finland. 

Northern Lights

Skibotn is an excellent place to experience the northern lights.

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