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Strandbu Camping

Cabins and camping with motorhome, caravan or tent in Skibotn. 

About Strandbu Camping

Strandbu Camping is a quiet campsite at the outlet of the Skibotn River. We have 9 cabins and pitches for caravans and tents. The campsite is open all year round and we are a good starting point for hiking in the forest and mountains nearby. Wireless internet throughout the place. Welcome!


There are 9 cabins of varying size and with different facilities. All guests can still use the service building, which has a kitchen, toilets, showers, washing machines and tumble dryers. 

Cabins 1-6 are cabins for four people with two bunk beds, fridge, cooking plates and kitchen table. For these cabins, you use the toilets and showers in the service building which is close by. 

Cabin 7 and  Cabin 8 are larger cabins for six people with toilet, shower and kitchen with dishwasher. Cabin 8 also has a TV and sofa. 

Cabin 10 is a medium-sized cabin for four people. Here there is a toilet, compact kitchen, TV and sofa. 


Facilities that all guests can use. 

Washing machine

There is a shared washing machine and dryer that our guests can use. 

Empty chemical toilet

Station for emptying the toilet for motorhomes and caravans. 


Equipped kitchen with dishwasher, oven, microwave and cooking plates. 


Free wireless internet. 

Toilet and shower

The service building has toilets and showers that guests can use. The showers have 10-kroner vending machines. 

Space for grilling.


There are spacious spots for motorhomes or caravans with electrical outlets. Outdoor water faucets are close to all the spots, and there is an emptying station for toilets in the service building. If you don't need electricity, or have an extension cord, you can park right by the river with a nice view. 

In addition, we have a large field for tents which is seldom full. Therefore, you normally do not need to book a place for a tent. Here there is a nice view of the Skibotn River and Lyngsalpan. 

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Båtkulpen 41, 9143 Skibotn, Norway

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